A Message from the Residence Life and Housing Staff

The Residence Life and Housing staff would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to Roanoke College, and welcome to the residence hall community! Our goal is to make your residence hall living experience a significant and positive part of your College. You will find the campus living environment to be an integral part of your experience and a valuable complement to your classroom activities. As a resident student you will have numerous opportunities to interact with other students, faculty, and staff and to enhance your social and interpersonal growth through shared living and learning experiences.

In June you will complete an on-line housing profile which includes questions about your preferred living habits (for example, do you like to go to bed early or are you a "night owl?" Can you study with distractions or do you need absolute silence?) You will also have the opportunity to request a specific roommate if you have someone in mind (for example, you may want to live with a friend from your home town or you may decide to room with someone you meet at a campus Admissions event.) If you don't have a particular roommate in mind, you will be able to search for a possible roommate based on interests and living habits. In late June, after the Spring Into Maroon orientation events have concluded, based upon the date your tuition and housing deposit was received on campus, you and your chosen roommate will select a room. You will be notified of your designated date and time to participate sometime in June.

In the meantime you should familiarize yourself with the content of these webpages for information that will help make your transition to campus living a smooth one. As do our colleagues across campus, the Residence Life and Housing staff strives to make every student's experience as satisfying as possible, while also supporting the College's goals and mission. We understand that moving to a new community will require an adjustment, but we are here to help you be successful! Please, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We can be reached at reslife@roanoke.edu or 540-375-2308. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Residence Life and Housing Staff


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