Residence Halls General Information

Beds are long twin size, 36" x 80".

The College does not rent refrigerators. Microfridges™ (refrigerator/microwave units) are available for rent from the vendor. You'll hear from the company later this summer. If you'd like to purchase your own refrigerator, it must be 3.9 cubic ft. or less. If you'd like to purchase your own microwave, it must be 900 watts or less and UL approved.

We are unable to offer storage areas in the residence halls. Students are welcome to store items in their rooms, space permitting.

Washers and dryers are conveniently located in each residence hall.

Posters may be hung on the wall with masking tape or scotch tape only. Nothing may be hung on the walls that will require putting a hole in the wall or otherwise damage the plaster.

Marion Hall is the only residence hall with suite type bathrooms (2 rooms sharing a bathroom). All other halls have bathrooms on the floor. Marion Hall residents are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.

An ironing board is provided in each residence hall, but you will need to provide the iron. Students may iron in designated ironing rooms only. Ironing is not allowed in student rooms. Every room has a bed, desk, chair, dresser and built in closet or wardrobe for each resident. There is also a mirror in each room. The beds are bunkable.

All room windows are furnished with Venetian blinds.

Personal appliances (i.e. hair dryers, curling irons) may be used in individual rooms. Hot pots, popcorn poppers, etc. may only be used in kitchens located in each building.

Halogen lamps are not allowed in the residence halls.

Virginia passed a law, effective July 1, 1990 stating that possession of plastic milk crates (type used by dairy industry to transport products) is a misdemeanor punishable by a $250 fine. Plastic crates purchased in stores are OK.

Possession of street signs (city, state, federal) is also in violation of the code of Virginia. Please leave any street signs you may have at home. Any signs found in residence hall rooms will constitute a violation of the Roanoke College student conduct code and the item will be confiscated.

If you plan to ship your belongings to the College (through U.S. Postal Service or another carrier).

Address each package to:

Your Name
c/o Your Box Number
(you will be assigned a box number at a later date)
Roanoke College
221 College Lane
Salem, VA 24153


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