Future Students FAQs

Housing Selection

When can I pick my room??? 
Although the exact time has not yet been determined for 2014, at some point in May, you will be able to log on to the housing website to fill out some basic information about yourself and start looking for a roommate.  You will be given a timeslot based on your date of deposit for when you can log on to choose a room. Timeslots will be likely be for late June of 2014. More information will be sent to your Roanoke College email account, so make sure to check it when it gets closer!

How does housing selection work?
Housing selection happens completely online. You'll go to a website and log in. Then you'll be able to fill out your housing profile, search for roommates, and sign your housing agreement. You will be assigned a time to choose your room based on when you sent in your deposit. When that time comes, you can log on and select your room! 


Can I be roommates with someone I know?
Sure! When the housing selection website opens, you'll be able to communicate with that person and request them as a roommate. 

Do I have to have a roommate?
All incoming freshmen are required to have a roommate. However, if you have a medical condition that requires you to have a single, you can fill out a Request for Special Housing Accommodations form. 

What if I deposited really early but the person I want to live with deposited really late?
That's fine. Whoever deposited first will have the earlier timeslot and will be able to "pull" the other person into a room. More instructions will be given as we get closer to housing selection! 

I messaged someone and haven't heard back.
Make sure you're using your Roanoke College email and also, make sure you didn't email the Residence Life email account by mistake!


When can I move into my room?
Move-In Day is Saturday, August 23rd, 2014. Residents can move in starting at 9:00am. 

What if I need to move in early for a pre-orientation  program or athletic team? 
Incoming students who are coming to campus early for a pre-orientation program or for an athletic team may move-in on days approved by their program supervisor or their coach. Residence Life will work with you to make sure you have access to your building. 

What if I need to move in early for traveling purposes or because I want extra time to move in?
Unfortunately, we are unable to allow residents to move in early if they are not sponsored by a college-sanctioned activity (see above) and thus supervised by a college employee. Residence Life staff is busy preparing for our new residents and is not on duty until Move-In Day, making it a security issue to have unsupervised students move in early. Our residents' safety is our first priority!


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