General Information for Future Residents

Campus Residency Requirement 

Living on campus is an important part of the Roanoke College experience and all students are required to live on campus unless they meet certain criteria. For more information about the Campus Residency Requirement, click here. 

Housing Selection

Incoming students will go through housing selection in May and June of 2014. Please see our Incoming Student Housing Selection page for more information.

Meal Plans

Roanoke College offers three weekly meal plans: 9 meals a week, 14 meals a week, and 19 meals a week. All freshmen are required to have a 19 meal plan and all other residential students (with the exception of those in Afton, Elizabeth or New Hall apartments) are required to have a minimum of a 14 meal plan. More information about meal plans can be found here. 

Residence Halls and Neighborhoods

Roanoke College has 21 Residence Halls and 5 Greek Houses. Within those 21 residence halls, 13 are available for incoming freshmen. The other 9 are special living communities composed of upperclassmen living in apartments (Elizabeth and Afton), singles (Caldwell, Alleghany, Ritter and Bowman), or Greek housing (Chesapeake). All residence halls and Greek houses fall within a specific neighborhood on campus, which has its own unique identity. For more specific information about individual residence halls, please see our Residence Halls page. More information about neighborhoods can be found on the Neighborhoods page.

Residence Life Staff

Each hall on campus has a number of RAs dedicated to creating residence hall communities and especially assisting new students in their transition to college. Roanoke College has a ratio of about 18 students for every RA. RAs help with maintenance and housekeeping issues, roommate conflicts, and they also plan events for their sections. 

RAs are split into staffs by which area they live in. Each staff is overseen by an Area Coordinator, a full-time professional with a graduate degree in student development or a related field. Area Coordinators oversee the buildings, staff and residents in their area.

You can meet the Residence Life staff members here.


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