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Information for Parents of Incoming Students


Housing Options

  • First-year students have the option of living in one of 13 residence halls, which contain a mix of both first-year and upperclassmen students. Transfer students may choose from any non-Greek residence halls. For the complete list of halls, click here.
  • First-year students are not permitted to have single rooms, although those who may require one for medical reasons may submit a Request for Special Housing Accommodations Form. 
  • Residence Halls vary by cost. The complete list of costs can be found here. 
  • Students who need special housing accommodations such as a single or uncarpeted room, may submit a Special Housing Request form to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 
  • There are special housing opportunities for incoming students in Living Learning Communities, which provide unique learning environments. 


  • New residents can start moving in on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 at 9:00am. 
  • Due to security concerns, we cannot allow residents to move in prior to this date and time, unless they are participating in a pre-orientation program or athletic team. These students must have permission from the program supervisor or athletic coach, who will tell Residence Life the date that their students may move in. 

Meal Plans

  • All freshmen students must have a 19 meal plan. 
  • Transfer and upperclassmen students may have the minimum meal plan allowed for their residence hall.
  • Meal plans are automatically assigned when students sign up for housing - they do not need to take any additional steps to choose their meal plan.
  • Off-campus students are not automatically assigned a meal plan, but are welcome to select one if they so choose.
  • For the list of costs and meal plans, click here.

Choosing a Room

The housing selection process for incoming students will begin in May 2014. At that time, they will be able to fill out profile information and start searching for roommates. In mid-June 2014, they will go through the actual selection process to choose a room. Information will be emailed to students on their Roanoke email account when it becomes available.

 For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page!


All freshmen residents are required to live in a room with a roommate (unless they qualify for a single under Special Housing Accommodations).

  • If your student is getting cold feet about living with someone, they are welcome to submit a waiting list request. However, Residence Life & Housing encourages students to work through any issues they may have with a roommate. Learning to live with someone different from you is an important lesson!
  • Many students meet future roommates at Spring into Maroon (SIM) Days. 
  • Encourage your student to choose a roommate who is compatible with their living style! In our experience, even if roommates don't have the same interests, they will be a good match when they have similar living habits. Our roommate profile questions that students fill out during housing selection are designed to help students find a good match. 

What should we bring?!

Please see our What to Bring page. The page for your student's residence hall also gives helpful information about that particular building's amenities! For a list of residence halls, click here.

Residence Life Staff

Resident Advisors (RAs): RAs are students' first point of contact when they need advice, want to get involved on campus, have roommate troubles and much more!

Area Coordinators (ACs): ACs are full-time professionals who oversee RA staff members for each area. Each AC has a Masters degree and manages a certain area of campus and assists RAs and residents with any concerns. 

Click here to meet the staff!


  • All students will be assigned a Roanoke College email address and password (which can be changed). This will give them access to MyRoanoke, a page located on main Roanoke College webpage, where they can get their campus mailbox number and more!
  • All students will be assigned a campus mail box through the Mail Services Department. You can send mail to 221 College Lane, Campus Box (xyz), Salem, VA 24153. All mail goes to a central location - there is no mail service directly to residence halls.

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