Residence Halls and Neighborhoods

Roanoke College has 26 Residence Halls and 6 Greek Houses. Within those 26 residence halls, 13 are available for incoming freshmen.

The other 8 are special living communities composed of upperclassmen living in apartments (Elizabeth and Afton), singles (Caldwell, Alleghany, Ritter and Bowman), or Greek housing (Chesapeake). All residence halls and Greek houses fall within a specific neighborhood on campus, which has its own unique identity. For more specific information about individual residence halls, please see our Residence Halls page. More information about neighborhoods can be found on the Neighborhoods page.

Halls available to freshmen
and upperclassmen

Upperclassmen-Only Communities

Allegheny (limited freshmen space
in Scholars Living Learning Community)

Augusta* (Social Justice Living Learning Community)
Blue Ridge (Wortmann Complex)
Fox (Sections)
New Residence Hall*  
Shenandoah (Wortmann Complex)
Tabor (Wortmann Complex)
Wells (Sections)


*indicated halls that contain
a Living Learning Community available to 

Elizabeth Hall  

Yonce (Sections)

Greek Communities
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Chi
Kappa Alpha
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha

Living Learning Communities

FAQs about Residence Halls

What are "Wortmann Complex" and "Sections"? 
Wortmann Complex and Sections both are complexes composed of multiple buildings. Wortmann Complex consists of Blue Ridge, Shenandoah and Tabor Halls, while Sections consists of Fox, Wells and Yonce Halls.

Why can't freshmen live in one of the "Upperclassmen communities"? 
Roanoke College believes that living in a standard residence hall with a roommate is an important developmental experience for all students. Thus, freshmen students are not permitted to have apartments or single rooms. The Greek communities are for members of a specific fraternity or sorority. Elizabeth Hall and five of the six Greek communities are also located on Elizabeth Campus, which is about half a mile from campus and composed solely of upperclassmen.

What if I have a medical condition that requires me to have a single, uncarpeted room, or central air-conditioning? 
You can fill out a Request for Special Accommodations form, which will go to a committee for approval. 

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