Roanoke College

Facts About Residence Hall Living at Roanoke College


Each hall:

  • has either central air or an air conditioner-unit in each room.
  • is smoke-free
  • is closed during all College breaks, with the exception of Afton, Catawba, and Elizabeth Halls which will remain open during breaks. Afton and Catawba halls will remain open year round, including during the summer.
  • Unless requested otherwise, your first roommate at Roanoke College will be chosen for you; in subsequent years, you will choose your own.
  • Every freshman hall has vending and snack machines.
  • Free, unlimited Internet access
  • laundry machines
  • remains locked 24 hours per day; you'll be issued a building and room key.
  • have formal and informal quiet hours.
  • Housekeeping services are provided for the buildings' common areas.
  • have multiple Resident Advisors, a student head resident (applications for RA positions are available spring semester).

Most halls:

  • have vending and snack machines
  • have a lounge with a TV
  • have a kitchen

Every room has:

  • a smoke detector.
  • at least one window.
  • Cable and computer hook ups provided in each room. College telephones may be rented from Information Technology.
  • Beds that are extra long, twin (you'll be contacted by On Campus Marketing, a company that sells extra long linens, later in the summer). !

 Please remember that:

  • Pets are not allowed (except for fish)
  • Furniture may not be removed from rooms.
  • You may change rooms, availability permitting, after a 2-week period. There is no charge for changing rooms.
  • The College is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings; report any valuables on your parents' homeowner's policy.
  • Outdoor bike racks are provided (we recommend a Kryptonite lock).
  • The College does not provide linens.
  • Resident students are required to purchase the meal plan.
  • Tickets for current movies showing in area theaters can be purchased for $5.75 in the Colket Center (popcorn not included).
  • Every hall has a kitchen.
  • It's not unusual to feel really homesick at first; hang in there and get involved.
  • Most every other new student feels nervous too!
  • Microfridges (refrigerator/microwave units) are available for rent (you'll hear from the vendor this summer).
  • If you'd like to purchase your own microwave, it must be 900 watts or less and UL approved.
  • If you'd like to purchase your own refrigerator, it must be 3.9 cubic feet or less.
  • All students are permitted to register cars ($35 per year).
  • Parking is available for all students.
  • All resident students are members of their Residence Hall Council (elections for officers are held in September).
  • You and your roommate may not become best friends, but that's OK.
  • The number for Campus Safety is 375-2310 (x2310 on campus); they are available 24 hours per day.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in freshman halls, even if you are 21.
  • Overnight visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed in freshman halls.

Fun Facts and Tips!

  • Bring your hiking boots; the opportunities for outdoor adventures are numerous.
  • The number for Domino's Pizza is 387-3030.
  • Several computer labs are available on campus.
  • A Campus Safety escort will be provided after dark if requested.
  • You'll meet lots of diverse people on your floor and in your hall and classes.
  • There is no curfew (but treat this privilege wisely).
  • It is not unusual to gain weight during your freshman year; check out the state-of-the-art Belk Fitness Center.
  • Chances are your roommate's just as excited about meeting you; give him/her a call.
  • You can always find a friendly face in the Roanoke College Community.
  • Mac & Bob's is a favorite restaurant among students; owned and operated by a RC alumnus, it is within easy walking distance.
  • There are plenty of restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, and discount stores within easy walking distance of campus.