Roanoke College

Housing Information


Waiting List 

The waiting list is for students who would like to change rooms during the Spring 2015 semester. After a request is submitted, the housing coordinator goes through the requests and tries to match requests with open spaces. Students will be contacted if their request is able to be fulfilled. Once the waiting list closes for the spring semester, the waiting list for FALL 2015 will open and only extenuating circumstances will be considered for spring 2015 moves. Students experiencing conflicts should contact their RA or AC. 

For more detailed information on the waiting list and how room changes work, click here.

To access the waiting list, click here.

Default Singles and Open Room Spaces

Due to a number of circumstances, some residents may find themselves in a default single (a double capacity room with a single occupant) or with an open space in their room or apartment. For more information about how these spaces or filled and what the current occupants can expect, please click here.


For information about housing over breaks, please see our Breaks page.


Click here to find forms for changing a meal plan, submitting a waiting list request, and requesting special housing accommodations.