Roanoke College

Living Learning Community Opportunities


A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of people who live together and who share common ideas, values or beliefs, and who are actively engaged in learning from one other.  LLCs can give students a unique, inclusive residential learning experience that connects classroom learning with their day-to-day life. LLC residents enjoy all the usual advantages of living on campus, with the added benefit of living among a group that shares their interests. Through student, faculty and staff partnerships, and educational and cultural programs, active involvement in an LLC allows students to broaden their perspectives and understanding of the world around them, especially as related to the LLC theme. 

The following LLCs are available during 2014-2015. If you're interested in living in one of these communities, you should submit the LLC application to the person indicated for the respective area. Specific areas may require you to provide additional application information and/or to interview to be considered for membership:

Arts & Culture

Located in Shenandoah Hall, the Arts & Culture LLC houses students interested in the arts or cultural omnivores who want to expand their knowledge and experiences.  If you are interested in the Arts & Culture LLC, please contact Professor Kate Shortridge for further information.

Global Village

Located in Catawba Hall, the Global Village houses international students and U.S. students who are interested in other countries and cultures. Special programming, including international dinners, film and culture nights, holiday celebrations, and trips provide opportunities for residents to share their own cultures and learn about others. If you are interested in the Global Village, please contact Pamela Serota-Cote, Director of International Education, for further information.


Located in New Hall, this LLC houses members and friends of the Honors Program. If you are interested in living in this area, please contact Dr. Michael Hakkenberg, Director of the Honors Program, for further information.


Located in Chalmers Hall, ground and 1st floors, this area houses students who are seeking opportunities that living among a diverse population of students can provide. If you are interested in the Multicultural area, please contact Ms. Juliet Lowery, Director of Multicultural Affairs, for further information.


Located in Allegheny Hall, the Scholars LLC provides a living environment for students who which to focus on their scholarly pursuits as a priority.  If you are interested in the Scholars LLC, please contact Dr. Galluch, Assistant Professor, Business Administration and Economics.

Social Justice

Located in Augusta Hall, the Social Justice LLC is for students who wish to explore their own values in the context of individual responsibility to local, regional and global communities. Consistent with the mission of the College, the Social Justice LLC seeks to provide students with a "hands on" experience that will prepare them to become leaders who will educate the public on global community needs and proactive ways in seeking social justice.  If you are interested in the Social Justice LLC, please contact Mr. Jessie Griffin, Director of Community Service.