Room Conditions and Damages

Room Inventory Cards and Damage Billing

Upon moving into a room on campus, residents will be required to look over and sign a Room Inventory Card (RIC). The RIC lists the items in the room, from walls and ceilings to desks and beds, even doorknobs. The RA/GRM will assess the condition of the items in the room and indicate the condition on the RIC. The resident should review the RIC and let the staff member know if they disagree with any of the conditions or perhaps if they have noticed something that they would like to be recorded.

RICs are kept until the resident moves out of the room, at which point the RIC is filled out again to compare the check-in and check-out conditions. If an RIC notifies the Residence Life and Housing Office of a change in condition, the Area Coordinator over that particular residence hall will go back and assess the damage and determine if the resident will be charged. 

If a resident is charged for damages, they have an opportunity to appeal. The Office of Residence Life & Housing recognizes that many times there are reasonable explanations behind the change in the condition of items in the room. When filling out an appeal form, residents should explain these circumstances. An Area Coordinator will decide whether or not to grant the appeal, will notify the student as soon as possible, and if the appeal is granted, notify the business office. 

Cleaning Fees

Upon move-out, residents are expected to have cleaned their space. If a room needs additional cleaning out of the normal type of cleaning done to prepare a room for a new resident, the resident will be charged with a cleaning fee. Examples might include an excessive amount of dirt on the floor or drawings on the windows. 

Removal of Non-College Items

Residents must remove all belongings from their room upon departing. Residents who leave items behind will be charged for the removal of the items. This typically refers to large items (trunks, trash cans, boxes, etc.) or large amounts of small items such as clothes, toiletries, etc. 

Trash Removal 

If a room is discovered to contain a large amount of trash, residents will be charged a trash fee. This is different from the cleaning fee. Trash removal would involve our housekeepers picking up numerous trash items. 


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