Roanoke College

Spring Move-Out Information


The Basics

Students should plan to vacate their rooms no later than 24 hours after their last final exam, unless they are staying for graduation or have another college-sanctioned reason to stay. All students must vacate the residence halls by Sunday, May 4th at noon.

To-Do List

Move-out can end up taking longer than you anticipate - somehow your belongings multiply over the course of the year and you end up with more than you thought you needed to pack! Try to plan accordingly so you can tackle your finals and have a smooth and stress-free move out process! Here are the things you will need to do to properly move-out. Also, some specific things that aren't on the list that you'll want to think doing ahead of time are:

  • emptying out and defrosting your fridge (no one wants a watery fridge in the back seat of their sedan) 
  • gathering up any non-perishables to donate to a food pantry 
  • taking down any posters or pictures and making sure there's no sticky stuff or residue left behind
  • taking down any lofts or bunked beds (must be done before quiet hours) 
  • selling any textbooks that you aren't using for finals
  • donating old clothes or small items to one of the Goodwill bins
  • reassembling beds (if they had been dissembled) 

Damages and Cleaning Costs

Students will be charged for any damages or cleaning needs in their rooms. Students will be contacted after move-out with any potential charges.

Here are some common fees having to do with move-out (not an exhaustive list): 

  • Room/Bathroom Cleaning: $30.00
  • Removal of stickers/tape: $15.00
  • Removal of non-College furniture/carpet from room: $50.00
  • Removal of cinderblocks and bricks: $30.00
  • Removal of lofts: $60.00
  • Bed re-assembly fee: $15.00

Staying for May Term?

May Term Move-in is May 11th. Students who would like to stay between May 4th and May 11th must fill out a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form. Students who are staying during this week to work on campus or participate in another sanctioned College activity must fill out the form, but do not have to pay a rental fee. Students who are not staying for a sanctioned activity or job must fill out the form and will be charged a rental fee of $35 a night.