Housing Policies

Residents will be issued a room key and exterior door card access or an exterior door key when checking into a specific residence hall.

Residents are responsible for the condition of their room and room furnishings belonging to the College and must complete and sign a Room Inventory Card that indicates the condition of the room and its furnishings upon their first arrival. At the end of the year or upon vacating the room, the Room Inventory Card will be used by a staff member to determine what damages, if any, have occurred during the residents' stay. When completing your Room Inventory Card it is of utmost  importance that you work with your RA, GRM, Head RA, and AC to accurately record the contents and condition of your room at the time you check in. This card will be the basis from which all necessary charges are made. To protect the interests of residents and the College, it is the residents' responsibility to contact a Residence Life and Housing staff member should a damage occur while occupying a room. A Residence Life and Housing staff member will contact maintenance or housekeeping and work with the resident until the issue is resolved.

Before vacating their rooms, all residents must:

(a) remove all personal belongings,
(b) properly dispose of trash in the dumpster outside of their building/area,
(c) check out with a Residence Life and Housing staff member, and
(d) return all College issued keys.

Charges will be assessed for damage, missing furniture or keys, and any necessary excessive cleaning. Residents are responsible for damages to their rooms and furnishings belonging to the College. Damages will be assessed by comparing the condition of the room at the time of check-in with the condition at the time of checkout. It is the individual's responsibility to be sure that everything is recorded on the inventory card both at check-in and checkout. Anything missing or damaged at the time of checkout that was not recorded at the time of check-in will be charged to the individual(s) who reside in that room.  

Room changes must be approved in advance by the AC of the area(s) involved. Appropriate paperwork (room change form, inventory card, key card, etc.) must be completed before the move is made. Unauthorized room changes may be subject to a fine of a minimum of $50. There is a one-week period at the start of each semester during which room changes are not available. Room changes may be made until one week prior to the spring term housing selection process, and then afterwards at the discretion of the Residence Life and Housing staff. The Residence Life and Housing staff reserves the right to make changes in room assignments at any time during the year.  

A waiting list is offered for those who desire a room/housing change within or between terms. Waiting list requests are honored on a first-come-first-served basis. a. The waiting list for fall assignments begins at the completion of the spring term housing selection process and continues throughout the fall semester. b. The waiting list for spring assignments begins at the beginning of the fall semester and continues until one week prior to opening of the spring term housing selection process. Room changes between then and the close of the spring semester will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. c. Waiting list requests expire at the end of the semester for which they are submitted. d. It is the residents' responsibility to resubmit a request if they wish to remain on the waiting list beyond that time.   Waiting list requests may be submitted at www.roanoke.edu/waitinglist.  

When a default single (a double room with one occupant) develops, the Residence Life and Housing staff will notify the residents they have two business days to select one of the following options: a. Prepare to accept a roommate assigned by the Residence Life and Housing staff at any time. If the space is not available when needed, the student may face disciplinary consequences; b. select a roommate from another default single; c. move into someone else's default single room; d. move into an available single room and pay the single room rate; e. remain in the double room and pay the single rate. This option is available on a case-by-case basis with approval from the Director of Residence Life and Housing. Residents may not move into empty double rooms unless a roommate moves with them.  


The Housing Agreement is terminated when a resident:

a. finishes a regular academic year, Intensive Learning term, or summer term;
b. withdraws officially from the College during any term;
c. graduates before the end of the academic year;
d. does not re-enroll for the subsequent term;
e. is granted an exemption by the Residence Life and Housing staff;
f. is removed from housing in consideration of the welfare of the student or other residents as determined by College officials;
g. is suspended or expelled from the College.  

Unless arrangements are made otherwise, residents must vacate their living areas within 48 hours of termination of the Housing Agreement. All personal belongings must be removed. Personal belongings not retrieved within 48 hours of termination of the Housing Agreement will be considered abandoned and are subject to donation or disposal at the residents' expense. 


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