Residence Hall Policies

Bikes may not be stored in public areas, hallways, stairwells, or near exit doors. Bikes found in these areas will be removed, and a $25 fee will be charged and must be paid in order to regain possession of the bike.

Discharging a false fire alarm jeopardizes the safety and welfare of residents, other members of the Roanoke College community, and members of the Salem community. Residents found in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action.

Propping fire doors or exterior doors creates fire and security risks and is prohibited.

In compliance with mandated fire codes, the staff will conduct regular fire drills in order to insure orderly and safe evacuation in case of fire or other emergencies. Failure to evacuate during a fire drill or actual fire emergency or re-entry into the building before permission is granted may result in disciplinary action.

Any misuse, tampering, or destroying building safety equipment jeopardizes residents' safety and should be reported immediately to Campus Safety or a Residence Life and Housing staff member. Fire equipment includes, but is not limited to, room and hallway smoke detectors, exit signs, fire alarms, breaker panels, fire extinguishers, etc. Students are reminded that removing batteries or obstructing smoke detectors is a violation. Residents found in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action. Report any problems with fire equipment to Campus Safety or a Residence Life and Housing staff member.

Residents are responsible for the damage, loss or theft of their room furniture.  Residents may bring in additional furniture but the College does not offer storage of any room furniture. Residents may not "swap" College-provided furnishings with other residents. Under no circumstances may residence room furniture be placed in the hallways or common areas. Unidentified furniture will be removed and any student missing room furniture will accumulate fines at the end of the year. Charges may be assessed at any time during the year for furniture that is missing or has been moved without approval from the Residence Life and Housing staff. At check-out, room furniture should be returned to original positions.

Furniture designed for the purpose of indoor use should not be placed in outside areas. Furniture belonging to the College may not be removed from lounges. Additionally, all other College furnishings must remain in its assigned locations. 

In addition to other prohibited items listed in the residence hall policies, possession and/or use of the following items is not permitted in the residence halls: a. waterbeds; b. firearms or other weapons (such as BB guns, air rifles, slingshots, knives, swords, martial arts equipment, etc.) capable of inflicting injury; c. items resembling guns or other weapons; d. fireworks, firecrackers, and other explosives; e. dart boards.  

Quiet hours are in effect from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and midnight to 9:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. During exam periods (reading day through residence hall closing) quiet hours are in effect at all times. Parties registered or otherwise, are not allowed during this time. There should be no noise heard outside of individual rooms during   quiet hours. Courtesy quiet hours are always in effect, i.e., excessive noise at any time is not permitted. Excessive noise is described as any type of noise at such a level that it may disturb other individuals. This regulation also applies to excessive noise during work/class hours that possibly disturbs classrooms and offices. Amplified musical instruments or drums of any kind may not be played in the residence halls without prior approval from the Residence Life and Housing staff.

Being on the roof/ledge of any building is prohibited. Disposing of trash or placing items on the roof/ledge of any building is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited inside or within 25 feet of the residence halls, including fraternity houses. Evidence of cigarette use, i.e. soiled ashtrays, cigarette butts, etc., in residence hall rooms or common areas may result in disciplinary action.

Residents and their guests must enter and exit the residence halls through the exterior doors. Doors designated as emergency exits are for emergency use only. Unauthorized use of emergency exits may result in disciplinary action. Residents and their guests may not use windows as an entry or exit. Those found using windows to enter or exit the building or unlocking windows for this purpose may be subject to disciplinary action.


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