Blue Ridge

Physical Address: 219 Market Street

See building layouts here

Gender: Co-ed by alternating floor 

Class: Freshmen and Upperclassmen

Room Types: Mostly doubles, with a few singles and triples

Meal Plan Options: Residents may choose between a 14 and a 19 meal plan (freshmen must have a 19)

Bathrooms: Each floor has a shared, newly renovated bathroom

Laundry: Each floor has a washer/dryer available

Additional Information about Blue Ridge Hall
Blue Ridge Hall opened in Fall 2009 as part of the Wortmann Complex. It is newly renovated and has large common rooms and kitchens on each floor. Blue Ridge Hall and the entire Wortmann Complex are on the West Side of campus. It is very conveniently located for student parking. 

Information about a Blue Ridge Hall Typical Room
Average Square Footage: 165
Window dimensions: 5 ¼' x 3 ½' in most rooms
Electrical outlets: 5 or 6
Rooms are not carpeted.
The building has central air. 
Many rooms have painted accent walls.

See layouts here.

Extra things to consider bringing with you when moving into Blue Ridge:

  • Command strips (rooms have dry wall)
  • Small area rug (floors are not carpeted)


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