Chalmers Hall

Physical Location: 201 High Street

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Gender: Basement and 1st floor are co-ed; 2nd and 3rd floors are single gender 


Room Types: 
Doubles and singles

Meal Plan Options: Residents may choose from a 14 or 19 meal plan

Bathrooms: One shared bathroom on each floor

Laundry: Laundry room in the basement

Chalmers Hall History:
Originally part of the Methodist Church property purchased by the College in 1950, this was a Sunday school building named by the church for James Chalmers who was not only a strong Methodist leader, but also treasurer of the Roanoke College Board of Trustees from 1882 to 1899. The main level was extensively renovated in the summer of 1998 and the ground level in the summer of 2001 to provide additional living spaces for upper-class residents.

Additional Information about Chalmers Hall
Chalmers is part of the South Side neighborhood on campus. It is home to our Multicultural Living Learning Community, which is located on the ground and first floors. 

Information about Rooms in Chalmers Hall

Room dimensions: room sizes vary
Window dimensions (quantity): window sizes vary (1)
Electrical outlets: 3-5.
The rooms in Chalmers Hall are not carpeted with the exception of rooms 001-009.
Rooms 001-112 are air-conditioned.
Lofts are permitted, per guidelines.

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