Roanoke College has five neighborhoods of residence halls: North, South, East, West, and GAAPS, each of which is detailed below.

Which neighborhood am I in?

Afton Hall - GAAPS
Allegheny Hall - North
Alpha Sigma Alpha - GAAPS
Augusta Hall - North
Bartlett Hall - South
Blue Ridge Hall (Wortmann Complex) - West
Caldwell Hall - North
Catawba Hall - West
Chalmers Hall - South
Chesapeake Hall - GAAPS
Crawford Hall - South
Elizabeth Hall - GAAPS
Fox Hall (Sections) - East
Kappa Alpha - GAAPS
Marion Hall - West
New Hall - North
Pi Kappa Alpha - GAAPS
Ritter Hall - North
Shenandoah Hall (Wortmann Complex) - West
Sigma Chi - GAAPS
Smith Hall - South
Tabor Hall (Wortmann Complex) - West
Wells Hall (Sections) - East
Yonce Hall (Sections) - East

North Side

Buildings: Allegheny Hall, Augusta Hall, Caldwell Hall, New Hall, and Ritter Hall

Area Coordinator: Mr. Travis Bowles

Head Resident Assistant: Katie Larrivee

Color: Orange


South Side

Buildings: Bartlett Hall, Chalmers Hall, Crawford Hall, and Smith Hall

Area Coordinators: Mr. Greg Hanlon

Head Resident Assistants: Colleen Britain

Color: Purple


East Side

Buildings: Bowman Hall and Sections (Fox, Wells, and Yonce Halls)

Area Coordinator: Ms. Kristen Pearson

Head Resident Assistant: Audra Aldrich

Color: Red


West Side

Buildings: Catawba Hall, Marion Hall, Wortmann Complex (Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, and Tabor Halls)

Area Coordinator: Mr. Greg Hanlon

Head Resident Assistant: Jamie Sievers

Color: Blue



Buildings: Afton Hall, Alpha Sigma Alpha House, Chesapeake Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Kappa Alpha House, Pi Kappa Alpha House, and Sigma Chi House

Area Coordinator: Mr. Kody Rother

Head Resident Assistant: Marshall Lancey

Color: Green


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