Do I Need a Roommate?

Because double rooms comprise the majority of on campus living space, students are encouraged to seek roommates. You are advised to seriously consider your roommate choice. The experiences you have with a roommate will have a significant impact on your entire College experience, including study habits and social activities. To help you choose a roommate consider the following questions:

  • Should I live with a friend? Should I live with a stranger?
  • Do I share common interests with this person?
  • Do I share the same meaning of clean?
  • Is this person an early riser or a night owl?
  • Do I want my room to be a social environment or a study area?
  • How does this person feel about guests? etc...

You should not choose a roommate simply because that person will get to choose a room before others!

The College offers a limited number of single rooms. An additional charge, depending on the building, (see Room & Board Rates) will be added to your tuition and room and board bill. Please remember that the demand for singles is usually higher than availability and have a roommate in mind in the event that you do not get a single room in housing selection.