Roanoke College

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want to live off campus? Do I still need to participate in Housing Selection?

Yes. Students may select an off-campus spot during the normal housing selection process. Because students select rooms in order of credit hours accumulated, those students with the most credits have the best opportunity of receiving an off campus spot. Please see our off campus release section for more information.

What if I have been living off-campus and would like to live on campus?

Students who are not currently enrolled or who currently live off campus and would like to live on campus beginning next fall should contact the Residence Life and Housing staff no later than March 25 so they may be assigned a time for participation.

What if I do not participate in housing selection?

Students who do not participate and do not meet one or more criteria for off campus release will be assigned a room by the Residence Life and Housing staff after the housing selection process closes. No one knows more about where you would like to live than you. It is in your best interest to choose your room yourself!

What if I want to stay in my current room for next year?

That's called "squatting." During housing selection, there will be one day designated for students who would like to squat to re-select their current rooms. 

What if I have a documented condition that requires me to live in a certain room or environment?

You can submit a Request for Special Housing Accommodations, found here.