The Housing Selection Process

Housing selection is the process during which students will select their living accommodations and roommates for 2015-2016. Participants will make their housing selections in the order of the number of credits they have earned as of the end of the fall 2014 semester. Students with the highest number of credits earned will be allowed to select housing first.

Who participates?

  • Current students who do not meet one or more criteria for commuter status and who plan to return in the fall.
  • Current students who currently live off campus, but would like to live on campus. These students should contact the Residence Life office to inform them of their desire to participate in the housing selection process by emailing or calling 540-375-2308. 
  • Students who are currently studying away from campus but plan to return to campus in the fall and do not meet one or more criteria for commuter status.
  • Students who are not currently enrolled but plan to return to campus in the fall and do not meet one or more criteria for commuter status. 

Not sure how to proceed? Check out our handy flow chart! Our housing selection schedule is also a good resource.

Housing Flow Chart

The Housing Selection Process

Students who are "squatting" their rooms or keeping the same room from the previous year will submit in the portal on Monday, March 30, 2015.

General Housing Selection for returning students will take place from April 6, 2015 until April 9, 2015. For the full schedule, please click here. Beginning in mid March, students will receive more specific information about the process and about when they can log on to the website to choose a room. Each day of housing selection accommodates a certain group of students as determined by credits.  

All students who have not already selected a room will log in at the time that is specified by their number of credits (which is sent to them in an email). Students with the most credits log in and choose housing first. Once the time slot opens, students can log in to change their housing until Monday, April 13 at 4:00pm. 

For all of the step by step information about the housing selection process, please click the link below to see our three steps! 

Step 1: Do Some Research >>>

The Steps to the Housing Selection Process

Step 1: Do Some Research  |  Step 2: Prepare for Selection  |  Step 3: Choose a Room


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