Roanoke College

Do Some Research


Step 1: Do Some Research

  • Be sure that your tuition and housing deposit and any unpaid spring term balance is paid to the Business Office! A 
    clear student account balance is necessary in order to access the automated housing selection system. If you have questions regarding your financial status, please call the Business Office at (540)375-2256 or the Financial Aid Office at (540)375-2235.

  • Make sure that you research the different halls and their costs. Information regarding the room and board rates for the 2015-2016 school year can be found here. General information about residence halls can be found in our Housing Reference Guide

  • Find a roommate or roommates if you're looking to live in a double, triple, suite or apartment. You can search which buildings have which type of room using the Search Tool. Housing selection goes very quickly so it's important to be prepared before you log in to maximize your options.
    • You can request up to three roommates beforehand. When you request a roommate, they will get an email and will be asked to confirm. When you log in during your time slot to select your room and you are the roommate with the most credits, you can "pull" those previously requested roommates in. They then will only need to confirm the selection. 

  • Consider the different meal plan options offered to residents in different residence halls. Information about meal plans can be found here.

  • Determine if you are going to stay in your current room next year (called squatting) and if your room is available to do so. (Am I eligible to squat my room????)

Step 2: Prep for Selection >>>