Choose a Room

Step 3: Choose a Room

  • Log in to the web service at using your Roanoke College username and password.

  • The "Application Menu," seen below, contains the steps to choosing a room. The first five may be done ahead of time. When it's time to log-in, the sixth step, "Choose a Space," will become available. 

  • When you get to "Choose a Space," you will be able to search for certain halls, kinds of rooms, or potential roommates and select a room. This is where having back-up choices will be crucial! 
    • If you search and you get a message saying "no records found," it means those rooms or spaces are no longer available. 
    • If you are looking for an off-campus space, you can select "Off Campus" from the drop down menu next to "Room Type."
    • Here's what the search section looks like: 

  • Didn't get the room you wanted? You have until Monday, April 13th at 4:00pm to make any changes in the web service. After the service closes, you can submit changes using the waiting list. 



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