Choosing a Room

Step 1: Log in to the housing selection web service at 

Step 2: Click "Application"

Step 3: Click on the term for which you are selecting. Click "Save & Continue."

Step 4: If you have completed all of the previous steps, you will be taken to the "7.Choose a Space" Page. (I can't get to that page!)

  • Click "General Housing Selection" on the Application Menu on the top left of the page.

Step 5: Search for a space! You may search by room type, location, or how many beds are available. (It says "No Records Found!")

  • If you search by how many beds are available, it is still possible that someone may have already selected a space in that room. For example, if you search "1 bed," you will get singles and doubles with any amount of open spaces. 

(How do I do this if I have roommates?)

Step 6: Found the room you want? Click on it and click "Continue."

Step 7: Assign your bed space.

  • If you have a single, there will only be one drop-down. It just tells you that there is one bed in the room and it's yours! 
  • If you have a double or more, there will be more than one drop-down option. You can assign one to yourself and one to your roommate if you're pulling someone in. (I don't see my roommate!) The bed spaces do not matter UNLESS you're choosing Afton, in which case, "-1" is the single and will be charged a higher rate. 

Step 8: Confirm your selection. Does it look right? Press "Confirm." Press "OK."

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