Selecting Roommates

You may request up to 4 roommates in the housing web service prior to selecting your room. Requesting a roommate does not mean you must live together - it simply gives you options! For example, if you request three roommates because you want to live in a suite, but you log in and there are none left, you can easily select one of those roommates to live in a double. 

Step 1: Profile Information

1. Once you fill out sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the housing web service application, you can select "5. Roommate Selection."

Step 2: One person (doesn't matter who) requests other roommate(s)

1. You can search for roommates one of three ways:

  • "Search for roommates by names" to search by name (I can't find my future roommate!)
  • "Search for roommates by specific preferences" to find someone compatible with profile information 
  • "Search Roommates by Compatibilty" to have the web service offer suggestions of compatible roommates

2. When you see someone you want to request, select "Request" beneath their name. You will see a screen that says: "This will request ...... as a roommate. They must first accept your request before they are confirmed as a roommate. Press the OK button to continue." Press OK.

3. Once you have requested your roommates, click "Save & Continue"

Step 3: Other roommate(s) accept request

Potential roommates will get an email saying that you have requested them. They must log on and accept the request by going to "5. Roommate Selection." They will not be able to access that area if the first three sections of the application have not been completed. Here's what it will look like when they log on to accept the request: 

If they do not accept the roommate request, the roommate with the most credits will not be able to pull them into the room when their timeslot opens. 

Step 4: Choosing a Room

Whoever has the most credits can pull the other(s) into the room when their timeslot opens. So assuming that everyone has accepted roommate requests and you are the one pulling the other(s) in, you log on and search for the room you are looking for. You click on the room and press "Save & Continue." 

Step 5: Assigning Bed Spaces

 This will bring you to a screen to assign bed spaces. This section is incredibly important. If you do not assign bed spaces to your other roommates, they WILL NOT be assigned to live in those spaces and the spaces will still be available for someone else to take.

If you have a double, there will be two bed spaces (1 and 2). It does not matter which number you assign to which roommate, UNLESS you are choosing a room in Afton Hall and the "1" bed space is assigned to the single room, which has a higher room rate.

See below for an example. Click Continue to move on.

Step 6: Confirm Spaces

After you assign the bed spaces, you and your roommates must confirm the selections. The other roommates will get emails indicating that they need to confirm the selection during their assigned timeslot. The space will not come up in searches for any other students. 

If you assigned the bed spaces, your confirmation screen will look like the screen below. Press Confirm.

Once you have all confirmed your spaces, you're done! Congrats!

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