Terms and Conditions for Off Campus Living and Good Neighbor Guidelines

Roanoke College values its longstanding positive relationship with the Salem community. It is the responsibility of all members of the College community to preserve and promote this important tradition for current and future students.  As an off campus resident student and a member of the Roanoke College community you are required to abide by prescribed policies that have been set forth by the College. They include:

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to locate and secure off campus housing and to provide his/her own transportation to and from campus.
  2. Once the housing selection process has closed, if students with off campus status desire campus housing, they will be placed only after all other students have received an assignment.  The College does not guarantee on campus housing for those students who have chosen the off campus option.
  3. Students who change their residency status from on campus to off campus, for any reason, may experience changes in their financial aid package. It is the responsibility of the student to determine how his/her financial aid may be affected by off campus residency.
  4. The College may take disciplinary action against students whose off campus behavior impedes or disrupts the College/community relationship, and/or undermines or threatens the welfare of the College or members of the College community.

Good Neighbor Guidelines:
Students living in off campus houses or apartments can impact, whether positively or negatively, “town-gown” relations. We want that impact to be positive; therefore the College encourages all students to be good citizens of their neighborhood. Good citizenship involves being considerate and helpful neighbors to permanent residents and students who live nearby.  In addition, it involves being knowledgeable of and abiding by applicable laws and city ordinances. The College has established specific “good neighbor” guidelines to help students understand and fulfill this important obligation. These guidelines will help foster good neighborhood relations for current and future students living in Salem and Roanoke neighborhoods.

  • Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to them when you first move in or early in the school year. Give them your phone number.
  • Encourage your neighbors to call you first if there are problems at your house such as loud music, litter, etc.  Be respectful and responsive to their concerns.
  • Offer to help your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or infirm, with such things as shoveling snow, raking leaves, or running an errand for them.  Good deeds cultivate goodwill.
  • Keep your yard neat and picked-up.  Mow your grass often, or if the landlord is responsible make sure he or she gets it done.
  • Don't allow pets to run at large.
  • Let your neighbors know in advance if you are planning a large social gathering or party at your house.
  • Have plenty of trashcans for disposal of litter such as cups, cans, or bottles. Place a trashcan on the front porch or at the sidewalk so guests can discard their litter as they leave. Post signs by the front and back doors about placing litter in trashcans.
  • Establish a reasonable ending time to your event and have everyone leave at that time. Remember your neighbors may have to work or get up early the next morning. (On campus parties must end by 2 a.m.)
  • Keep the number of guests to a manageable level. Large crowds can become unruly and hard to monitor and control. 
  • Be familiar with the state and local laws regarding alcohol consumption.
  • Have responsible and sober individuals available to interact with police or neighbors if they come to your home because of problems.   All tenants of the house or apartment are responsible for behavior that occurs on the premises.  Cooperate with the requests of the police or neighbors.
  • Inform guests about not trespassing on neighbors’ lawns and not going to the bathroom outside.  Make sure that guests park their vehicles properly.
  • The morning after a party, check for and remove any litter in the immediate area of your house and neighboring yards and street. 
  • Be familiar with the City of Salem Noise Ordinance.  For events where amplified music is played outside, amplified music permits are required.  Permits can be obtained at the Salem Police Department.

Summary of Selected Laws and Ordinances:
Following is a partial listing of important Salem City Codes for which you are responsible as an off campus resident. A complete listing of ordinances may be found in The Code of the City of Salem which is contained in the Salem Public Library or by contacting the Office of Campus Safety at 540-375-2310.

  • Public Intoxication- It is against state law and city ordinance to be intoxicated in public. Violators can be given a summons or arrested.
  • Underage Consumption- The legal drinking age in Virginia is 21 years of age. People furnishing alcohol to underage persons are in violation of the law. Violators can be given a summons or arrested. 
  • ABC & Keg Registration Laws- When a keg of beer is purchased it must be dispensed according to the guidelines on the ABC label affixed to the keg at the time of purchase. The beer must be dispensed at the place indicated on the label.  It is against the law to charge at the door or sell beer or other alcoholic beverages without an ABC permit.
  • City of Salem Noise Ordinance- This ordinance prohibits loud noise from stereos, music, etc. that can be heard from 50 feet or more outside a building, structure or vehicle.
  • City of Salem Ordinance 58-34 - This ordinance prohibits urination or defecation in public places or areas where others are present unless it is in a restroom.
  • City of Salem Ordinances 70-1 through 70-52 - Residents need to be familiar with and abide by the ordinances regulating refuse, litter and garbage collection. Mobile garbage toters shall be available for collection at the curb no earlier than 3:00 pm on the day prior to collection and shall be removed by 7:00 am on the day following collection.

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