Step 1: Knowing the Facts

Before pursuing an off-campus spot, it is important to understand the impact that an off-campus spot may have. 

  • Students who change their residency status from on campus to off campus, for any reason, may experience changes in their financial aid package. Before seeking off campus release, they should first contact the Financial Aid Office at 540-375-2235 to determine how their financial aid might be affected;
  • Students given off-campus release do not pay for room and board or a telecommunication fee. They are still responsible for the Activities and Technology Fees.
  • Students who receive an off-campus release will have their $800 housing deposit credited towards their tuition;
  • Should a students who receive an off-campus release decide to return to on-campus living, they may select from whatever rooms remain available until the housing selection process closes.

If you would like to proceed, please move on to the next step: Determining Eligibility

The Steps to Seeking an Off-Campus Release
Step 1: Knowing the Facts   |   Step 2: Determining Eligibility   |   Step 3: Preparing for Housing Selection
Step 4: Going through Housing Selection   |   Step 5: Submitting an Appeal

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