Off-campus FAQs

How many off-campus spots will be available for the 2015-2016 academic year?
At this time, we do not have a definite number. The numbers are currently being calculated and will likely be available sometime in March. The Office of Residence Life and Housing does NOT control the number of open spaces, nor does it make decisions about appeals for off-campus release. It is important to note that this number varies from year to year and that the Office of Residence Life and Housing does not play a role in determining that number. All students are strongly advised to not sign any leases before going through the housing selection process.

Who determines the number of off-campus spots that are available?
The number of spots is not arbitrary- it is actually carefully calculated based on previous years' data, future projections, budget numbers and other pertinent information. The number is calculated by the Department of Institutional Research.

How likely is it that I'll be able to live off-campus?
The Office of Residence Life and Housing cannot guarantee off-campus spots or predict how many spots will be available versus how many students want to live off-campus. All students should prepare to live on campus. Students should not sign any leases for off-campus living before securing an off-campus spot through housing selection. Because off-campus spots are selected through housing selection, students with a greater amount of credits have a higher probability of receiving an off-campus space. In the past, most off-campus spaces have been taken by rising seniors, as they have the most credits by nature. 

Does the Office of Residence Life and Housing provide off-campus housing options?
No, Residence Life and Housing is unable to provide options or suggestions for off-campus living. When students choose a space during housing selection, they are simply choosing a spot for the ability to live off-campus, not a particular off-campus place.

What if I have a medical condition or personal situation and it would greatly benefit me to live off-campus?? 
Please see the steps for going through the off-campus process: if you do not get a space in housing selection, you may submit an appeal and site your condition or situation at that time. 

Who is on the Housing Appeals Committee?
The Housing Appeals Committee is composed of about 10 staff members from different departments across campus who each provide a relevant viewpoint to consider the appeal. The Office of Residence Life and Housing does not vote on off-campus appeals. For more information, see the Off-Campus Appeals Committee Guidelines.

If I get an off-campus release, do I still need to pay the Technology and Student Activities Fees?
Yes, all full-time students pay Technology and Student Activities Fees. However, students who do not live on campus do not need to pay the Telecommunications fee. 

What if I'm doing student teaching or an internship next semester - do I have to go through off-campus selection?
If you are student teaching or participating in an internship next semester and have less than 3.0 credits, you are considered a part-time student and thus, do not have to live on-campus, according to the Campus Residency Requirement, which can be seen here. If you do wish to live off-campus because you are becoming part-time, you should fill out a Request for Change in Residency Status Form.

If I want to be a commuter, do I need to go through Housing Selection to get an off-campus spot?
If you would like to be a commuter next year and you meet the eligibility requirements, you do not have to go through housing selection. You can fill out the Request for Change in Residency Status Form and return it to the Office of Residence Life and Housing.


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