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Step 5: Submitting an Appeal

1. Determine what kind of appeal to submit. Students should submit the appeal that is appropriate to their reason for seeking an off-campus release.  There are three kinds of appeals:

  • Non-medical: this includes personal and financial reasons
  • Medical/Physical or Psychological/Emotional: for documented conditions that may cause a student to want to live off-campus, such as a learning disability

2. Review the Guidelines for Submitting an Off-Campus Appeal

3. Submit the paperwork for the appeal you are submitting to the Office of Residence Life and Housing by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, April 15th. For the appropriate paperwork, see below. 

If the appeal is due to a non-medical reason(s)

  • Appeal for Off Campus Release form
  • Written statement which outlines compelling reasons for and benefits of living off campus and how living on campus creates a hardship for you
  • If the appeal is due to financial reason(s), students seeking appeals must meet with the Financial Aid Office prior to the date of the Off-Campus Appeals Hearing on March 28th.

If the appeal is due to a medical/physical or psychological/emotional reason(s), including learning disabilities, other than respiratory conditions

4. The Off-Campus Appeals Committee will meet on Friday, April 17th. Students will be notified in writing of the decisions within two business days.

5. If the student still has not received an off-campus spot, they may go on the waiting list - if a spot becomes available, the student will be notified. The waiting list can be accessed by clicking here. 

The Steps to Seeking an Off-Campus Release
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Step 4: Going through Housing Selection   |   Step 5: Submitting an Appeal

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