Preparing Your Application

Step 1: Log in at using your Roanoke College username and password. (Having trouble?)

Step 2: Click on "Application" - either on the top bar or in the main text. 

Step 3: Choose the term for which you are selecting a space. Click "Save & Continue."

  • If you would like to select a space for next year, choose "Academic Term 2015-2016"
  • If you plan to stay for May Term and need to reserve your current space, choose "Intensive Term 2015"
  • Need to do both??? Do the Academic Year selection first, then return to "Application" to select Intensive Term housing.

Step 4: Make sure that your personal and contact information is correct. Click Save & Continue. Once you complete this section, you will not be able to come back to it.

Step 5: Fill out your roommate preferences, even if you are not going to be searching for a roommate. If it becomes necessary to pair you with a roommate at any point in the future, this information will be very helpful! Click Save & Continue.

Step 6: Request a roommate if you will be living with one (or more!) next year. Only one person needs to request roommates - the others need to "Confirm." If you will not be needing a roommate, click Save & Continue. Need help with roommate requests? Click here.

  • You may search by name using "Search for roommates by details" or you may try to find someone compatible with you using the "Search for roommates by profile questions." (I can't find my future roommate!)
  • Click Save & Continue.

Step 7: Read the appropriate housing agreement and click "I agree to the terms and conditions of the applicable Roanoke College Housing Agreement."

If your timeslot has not yet opened, this is as far as you can go! You may always go back and add or change roommates, though. 

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