Roanoke College

Can I "Squat" My Room?


"Squatting" refers to the ability to keep your current hall and room assignment for the following academic year. Students in certain areas or who are displaced may not squat their rooms and have received notification.

Do I need to do something different for housing selection if I want to squat?

Students who would like to squat their rooms may log in to the housing web service to re-select their rooms on March 30th, 2015 from 8:00am to 3:30pm. 

Which areas cannot squat their rooms?

Students who are either displaced for various reasons or who currently reside in the following areas are not eligible to squat their room (more areas may be added in the month of February):

  • Allegheny Hall 2nd floor
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Augusta
  • Chalmers Hall ground floor
  • Chalmers Hall 1st floor
  • Chesapeake Hall
  • Catawba Hall
  • Crawford Hall overflow rooms
  • Kappa Alpha Order
  • New Hall (Honors Area)
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Shenandoah Hall first floor (Arts and Culture LLC)
  • Sigma Chi
  • Tabor Hall Second and Third Floor
  • Wortman Complex overflow rooms

Am I eligible to squat my room?

You may squat if you are not in one of the areas listed above and if you have not received an email from Residence Life informing you that you are displaced.

What if my roommate doesn't want to squat?

In order to squat your room, your current roommate does not have to do the same. In the event your current roommate does not squat the room, you may request another roommate to fill the open space. You may begin requesting roommates when the web service opens on Wednesday, March 25th and can "pull" them in on March 30th, when squatters re-select their rooms.

How does it work if I want to pull people in when I squat?

If you want to squat your room and pull others in, there are several steps to follow.

  1. Before March 30th, you and your future roommates all must log on to to complete the Introduction to Housing Selection, Personal and Contact Information, Personal Preferences, and Roanoke College Housing Agreement sections before you are able to confirm each other as roommates. 
  2. Once that is done, you - as the person with the ability to squat - should request your roommate(s) on the web service. This should be done before you log on to squat your room on Wednesday, March 20th. You will not be able to search for them if they haven't completed the above steps.
  3. After you request them, they will need to accept you as a roommate before you can officially pull them in. 
  4. On March 30th, when you log in to choose the room, there will be multiple spaces (depending on the room) for you to assign to each roommate, and yourself. Assign each person a space using the drop-downs. 
  5. Your new roommates will receive an email asking them to confirm. They will need confirm this assignment before the spaces become available in general housing selection. 

Why have I been displaced?

Each year due to changes in the student body and special interest groups that need housing, the current housing composition is re-evaluated and reallocated accordingly. Due to these reallocations some students will be displaced from their current room assignment and will not be able to "squat," or remain in their current room for the subsequent academic year. However, displaced residents will be able to select another on campus space before anyone else in their seniority group. Displacement does not provide priority in off campus selection. Displaced residents will be notified by email in March.

Following is a list of possible reasons for displacement:

  • Rooms that were originally designated as RA or GRM singles but were used to house non-staff might be returned to staff rooms.
  • Rooms in areas that have been designated as theme spaces are available for those students named on the respective 2015-2016 theme rosters (Augusta Hall, Catawba Hall, Chalmers ground and first floors, New Hall Honors pods, and Allegheny second floor).
  • Some residence hall rooms and/or floors may change genders in order to accommodate the percentage of actual males to actual females.
  • Some residence hall spaces will change from upper class to freshman in order to accommodate all classes of students.
  • Rooms that are considered "overflow" rooms will be available as overflow rooms in 2015-2016.
  • A residence hall requires maintenance or will no longer be used

Additionally displaced residents are not eligible to squat their rooms.