Default Singles and Open Room Spaces

Due to a number of circumstances, some residents may find themselves in a default single (a double capacity room with a single occupant) or with an open space in their room or apartment. It is important to note that these students may receive a new roommate at any time.

During any given semester and/or between semesters, it may be necessary to fill the vacancy in that room in order to meet our changing housing needs. The room will remain in the pool of available spaces and a roommate may be placed for any of the following reasons:

1. Students may make room changes for fall or spring semesters, and may choose any available space. In some cases residents may have the opportunity to meet a potential roommate ahead of time. If so, it is important to use this as a time to get to know the person and to share expectations of a new roommate.

2. In other cases, students who seek room changes during the academic year may choose a specific room without finding it necessary to meet beforehand.

3. The College will have a number of transfer students join our community between semesters. It is possible that if residents head into the semester break without a roommate, they will have one when they return in the spring.

4. Commuter and off-campus students may decide to live on-campus at any time during the semester.

Protocol for Receiving a New Roommate

Residents may reach out to those in default singles to determine if they would like to live in that space. Students residing in default singles are expected to be accommodating when contacted by potential roommates and to not be unwelcoming. It can be intimidating and difficult for some seeking a new room to reach out to potential roommates. It can be further intimidating for some students to settle into space that has already been claimed by another. The current occupant's initial reception is important in setting the tone for the roommate relationship. Efforts towards making the room accessible and comfortable for a new roommate, especially a new student, will go a long way towards making that person feel welcomed. 

Please note that if either the current occupant or the room is found to be unwelcoming to a new roommate or potential roommate, the current occupant may be subject to disciplinary action and assessed a $350 fine.

Room Expectations

In any instance where a new roommate is assigned to a room, the Residence Life staff will do its best to give 24 hours notice upon assignment to the current occupant unless time does not permit or an emergency dictates otherwise.

If someone is assigned a roommate at any time during the fall or spring semester or, when they leave for the winter break, it is important they are prepared to receive that person by ensuring the following:

1. one bed should be cleared and unobstructed

2. one desk should be emptied and cleared

3. one set of drawers should be emptied and available

4. one closet or wardrobe should be emptied and made available

5. no College furniture may be removed from the room

Students with Default Singles going into Winter Break

Students residing in a default single or in a room with an open space heading into Winter Break know someone who has the potential to be a good roommate, they are encouraged to invite this person to live with them for the spring semester or to move into another open space themselves. To do so, the new roommate must submit a waiting list request before Friday, November 9th. We would like to see residents live with someone they know before we place someone with them. If they do not know anyone who wants to move, we can also introduce them to others with default singles so that they might meet someone they think they will get along with and they can choose to live together before being assigned someone. Residents interested in this option can contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing by emailing or calling 540-375-2308.

If residents do want to move into an open spot, or have a friend move into their room, the person moving must submit a waiting list request listing the specific room before November 9th at 4:30pm, though it would probably be best to do it as soon as possible, since more people will be moving before that time. The waiting list can be accessed here.

If the space in your room is still open going into Winter Break, an Area Coordinator will contact you to arrange an inspection of the room prior to departure for the break. This inspection will be conducted to insure that the room is in acceptable condition and to discuss options regarding a roommate.


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