Intramural Sports

Intramurals are a great way to play the sports you love while staying in shape and building lasting friendships.  Any current student, faculty or staff member of Roanoke College can play.

Intramurals are scheduled based upon your team's availability.  It is impossible to accommodate each individual player, but every attempt is made to accommodate the team as a whole.  Talk to your team captain about which days are best for you before your team registers.

The deadline for registration may vary by each sport.  Visit to signup!

Intramural Sports Schedule: Spring 2015
Sport Registration Ends Games Begin
5v5 Basketball Jan 16 Jan 19
1v1 Racquetball Jan 23 Jan 26
10v10 Softball       Mar 13 Mar 16
5v5 Team Handball Mar 13 Mar 16