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Connect from Off-Campus with VPN

VPN Instructions:

For Windows, Mac or Linux Installation (on your home computer or laptop)

  1. On the computer you will be accessing VPN from (the off campus computer)
  2. download the new VPN (You must be off campus to use!)

    Download Here

  3. Log in with you normal Roanoke College usernameand password
  4. A download will automatically start running, let this run until completion
  5. Once you see window that says "Connection Established", the download is complete. Close that window
  6. VPN is now installed on your computer and is connected. You will see an icon in the bottom right system tray that looks like two computers stacked on each other with a padlock beside them. The padlock shows when VPN is connected, when disconnected the padlock will not be there.
  7. To disconnect, right click on this icon and choose disconnect
  8. In order to run VPN from this point forward:
    1. Start -> All Programs -> Cisco -> Cisco Any Connect VPN Client -> Cisco Any Connect VPN Client (you can create a shortcut on your desktop by right clicking on this and choose send to Desktop)
    2. If connection box is not populated, enter
    3. Once the client loads, click select
    4. Enter your RC Password
    5. Choose connect
    6. The icon at the bottom right should now show the padlock (once you see the padlock, you have a VPN connection)
  9. Remote Desktop to your computer in your office

Preparation (on your office computer)

    • First you will need to know the name of your office computer.
      1. Right click on My Computer which should be found on the desktop
      2. Then click "properties"
      3. Scroll down till you see "Full Computer Name"
      4. Look to the right and you will see the full computer name
        1. It should look like this example:
      • Next, you will need to enable the Remote Desktop service on your office computer.
      • Right-click on My Computer.
      • Click Properties.
      • Click on the Remote Settings on the left.
      • Check the box which reads "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer".

Connecting (on your home computer or laptop)- Windows 7 Instructions

    • You must connect to the Roanoke College network before proceeding!
    • Click Start » Programs » Accessories » Remote Desktop
    • Enter the IP address of your office computer (see Preparation above).
    • NOTE: The computer you are connecting to must be turned on and connected to the network.
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