Roanoke College

Roanoke is Rising!


Roanoke College Up and Coming

Roanoke is Rising! Find out why Roanoke College was named by other college presidents, deans and admissions deans as the #2 "Up-and-Coming National Liberal Arts College" and how this impacts our alumni and students today.

Expert Professors at Roanoke College

In this video, President Maxey highlights the latest Roanoke College faculty members who have been recognized for excellence. Having professors who are both respected experts in their fields and who make teaching their top priority is the key to inspiring students to reach high expectations.

Student Achievement

Roanoke students have always responded to the challenging academic environment provided by our expert faculty. Generations of students and alumni have been uniquely prepared to excel in the world. In this video message, you'll learn how today's Roanoke experience helps students compete successfully at national and international levels and how current Roanoke students are rising to the challenge.

An Upgraded Campus

Roanoke has been recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. In this video, President Michael C. Maxey shows us how far the campus has come in recent years. See how an attractive, modern environment can inspire learning, and how facilities can create a better college experience. Plus, get a sneak peek at the latest concepts for the future Cregger Center and Science Complex. Roanoke is Rising!

It All Adds Up

Nationally acclaimed innovation and programs. Dedicated, expert faculty. Advanced student achievement. A stunning, modernized campus. This is Roanoke's moment to rise. In this video message, President Maxey tells us why Roanoke is considered one of the premier liberal arts institutions in the country. And why it will continue to rise higher and faster than ever before.