The UpRising

Rising to the top means doing things better than other schools. 

Gifts of all sizes make the difference between a great Roanoke experience
and an exceptional one!

UParticipate. WE RISE.

Bet You Didn't Know These 5 Things About Roanoke....

No one pays the true cost of a Roanoke education.  Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends help pay for a significant portion of the facilities, services, experiences, and opportunities that all students use.  Tuition and fees cover only part of what it costs to be a student here.

Here on scholarship?  The Roanoke Fund is how the College helps students close the gap between the "sticker price" and what they actually pay. 

Do you think it is just a coincidence that Roanoke faculty happily devote so much time to you?  Roanoke is able to select the very best scholars and teachers because of gifts.  Some big schools want to recruit faculty as researchers and bring in more money for those schools.  Roanoke wants professors who wish to use their Ph.D. or advanced degree and experience to teach.  Plus their research and writing projects are often designed to help students get more experience in the field.  Students are always the top priority at Roanoke.

Becoming one of the prettiest campuses in the U.S. required alumni (and parents and friends and...).  A safe, spectacular campus in a beautiful location matters—just ask your friends at other schools. Alumni and others give to the Roanoke Fund to make sure you have the nicest campus possible. 

Most gifts won't make headlines, but all gifts will move Roanoke ahead.  Roanoke values supporters-just like students- whatever their capability.  Small gifts have added up to great momentum over the years, so you can absolutely make a difference-no matter the size of your gift.

Thousands of Typical College Experiences Become Exceptional Ones at Roanoke, Through Gifts....

  • Real chicken tenders (not mystery meat) and Chef Bob's mac and cheese
  • Fun Bingo nights!
  • Washing your clothes without having to worry about keeping a pile of quarters on hand
  • Living on a campus with beautiful, historic buildings (that require care)
  • Real experts as professors, not graduate students teaching classes
  • A mascot like Rooney. Seriously, have you seen any that are better?
  • RCycles bikes you can ride for free
  • A turf field that all students can use
  • New iMacs in the library
  • Maroon Cards that are easy to use, even off-campus
  • Fun and relaxing FOTQ dinners outside on the quad.  Bands and bouncies, need we say more?
  • Current magazines, unlimited books, and a helpful library staff
  • Salt on the sidewalk in ice and fresh flowers in the spring

Every single day all students use or enjoy things that make Roanoke a special place.  Gifts help transform a great Roanoke experience into an exceptional one for you.

All Colleges Need Gifts to Thrive...

In order to be more than just another great college, Roanoke needs all alumni and students to give back.  A gift of any size counts.  Will you lead the way and join the count?  Give now to The UpRising!

UParticipate. WE RISE.