Roanoke College

Education: Elementary (PK-6) Checklist

Licensure Area Requirements
EDUC 210: Principles of Education done need
EDUC 221: The Exceptional Student done need
EDUC 230: Reading and Literature in the Elementary Classroom done need

EDUC 242: Instructional Technology

done need
EDUC 320: Differentiated Instruction for Elementary Math and Science done need
EDUC 330: Differentiated Instruction for Elementary Language Arts  done need
EDUC 338: Field-Based Internship/Practicum done need
EDUC 350: Differentiated Instruction for Elementary Social Studies done need
EDUC 370: Field Based Reading done need
EDUC 480: Strategic Classroom Management in the Elementary School (in Block) done need

EDUC 490: Student Teaching, Grades PreK-6 (in Block, 2 units)

done need

PSYC 215: Child and Adolescent Psychology

done need

TESL 220: Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Understanding the Needs of English Language Learners in Elementary Schools

done need

HIST 175: United States History


done need

 HIST 200: United States History