Roanoke College

Education: Health and Physical Education (PK-12) Checklist

Licensure Area Requirements
EDUC 210: Principles of Education done need
EDUC 242: Instructional Technology
EDUC 338: Field-Based Internship/Practicum done need
EDUC 351: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, 6-12 done need
EDUC 481: Strategic Classroom Management in the Secondary School (in Block) done need
EDUC 492: Student Teaching, Grades PreK - 12 (in Block) done need
PSYC 215: Child and Adolescent Development done need
TESL 220: Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Understanding the Needs of English Language Learners in Elementary Schools done need
HHP 200: Foundations of Movement done need
HHP 203: Individual Sports done need
HHP 204: Team Sports done need
HHP 205: Non-Traditional Games and Activities done need
HHP 206: Fundamentals of Rhythms and Dance done need
HHP 207: Health Fitness Concepts and Applications done need
HHP 221: Professional Concepts and Leadership Development done need
HHP 223: First Aid & Safety (or demonstrated competency in “Responding to Emergencies” course) done need
HHP 301: Personal and Community Health done need
HHP 302: Physical Education Methods & Materials I:
done need
HHP 305: Adapted and Developmental Physical Education done need
HHP 306: Motor Behavior done need
HHP 335: Coordinated School Health Programs done need
HHP 403: Exercise Physiology done need
HHP 404: Physical Education Methods and Materials: 8-12 done need
HHP 409: Health Education Methods & Materials: PreK-12 done need

BIOL 105: Human Biology
OR done need
BIOL 120: Principles of Biology

BIOL 230: Human Anatomy and Physiology I done need

Two Health and Human Performance activities from catalog listings, the first of which should be HHP 160, are required. done need
done need