Education: French (PK-12) Checklist

Licensure Area Requirements
EDUC 210: Principles of Education done need
EDUC 221: The Exceptional Student done need
EDUC 242: Instructional Technology done need
EDUC 338: Field-Based Internship/Practicum done need
EDUC 345: Differentiated Classrooms in the Secondary School done need
EDUC 351: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, 6-12 done need
EDUC 481: Strategic Classroom Management in the Secondary School (in Block) done need

EDUC 490: Student Teaching, Grades PreK - 6 (in Block, 2 units)
EDUC 491: Student Teaching, Grades 6 - 12 (in Block, 2 units) done need
EDUC 492: Student Teaching, Grades PreK - 12 (in Block, 2 units)

PSYC 215: Child and Adolescent Developmental done need
TESL 220: Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Understanding the Needs of English Language Learners in Elementary Schools done need
FREN 101: Elementary French I done need
FREN 102: Elementary French II done need
FREN 201: Intermediate French I done need
FREN 202: Intermediate French II done need

FREN 341: Methods of Teaching French
LANG 341 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language done need
EDUC 311  Secondary Curriculum Concepts and Pedagogy

One language course from the following:
FREN 300, 301 OR 303 done need

One composition course from the following:
FREN 302 OR 304 done need

One civilization and culture course from the following:
FREN 311, 312, 313 OR 315 done need

One course from four of any of the five periods of literature listed below:





Middle Ages

FREN 421: The Medieval World Renaissance              


FREN 420: The French Poetic Tradition
FREN 431: Renaissance Vision and Voices


17th and 18th Century
FREN 441: Political and Civil Order in 17th and 18th-Century French Literature


19th Century
FREN 420: The French Poetic Tradition
FREN 451: Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism in the 19th-Century Literature


20th Century
FREN 461: The Modern Novel and Short Story
FREN 462: From Surrealism to the Absurd in 20th Century Drama


NOTE: FREN 420 may be counted for only one period of Literature.

One unit in Civilization and Culture from:
FREN 311: Building a Nation: French Civilization and Culture I
FREN 312: A Nation Emerges: French Civilization and Culture II done need
FREN 315: Francophone Societies

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