Biology (Grades 6-12) Education Checklist

Licensure Area Requirements    
EDUC 210: Principles of Education done need
EDUC 221: The Exceptional Student done need
EDUC 242: Instructional Technology done need
EDUC 311: Secondary Curriculum Concepts and Pedagogy done need
EDUC 338: Field-Based Internship/Practicum done need
EDUC 345: Differentiated Classrooms in the Secondary School done need
EDUC 351: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, 6-12 done need
EDUC 481: Strategic Classroom Management in the Secondary School (in Block) done need
EDUC 491: Student Teaching, Grades 6-12 (in Block, 2 units) done need
PSYC 215: Child and Adolescent Development done need
TESL 221: Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Understanding the Needs of English Language Learners in Secondary Schools done need
BIOL 120: Principles of Biology done need
BIOL 125: Biodiversity done need
BIOL 455: Seminar done need

One unit from Molecular Biology & Genetics:
BIOL 315, 345, 346, 380, 400, or 410
done need

One unit from Cell Biology & Microbiology:
BIOL 210, 305, 345, 346, 365, 370, 390, or 420
done need

One unit from Integrative Biology:
BIOL 235, 240, 265, 270, 275, 280, 345, 346, or 365
done need

One unit from Ecology & Evolution:
BIOL 205, 225, 300, 345, 346, 360 or 415
done need

One additional unit from any four Biology core areas done need
One additional unit from any four Biology core areas done need

CHEM 111: General Chemistry I done need
CHEM 112: General Chemistry II done need
CHEM 221: Organic Chemistry I done need
CHEM 222: Organic Chemistry II done need
INQ 240: Statistical Reasoning done need
MATH 112: Concepts and Techniques of Calculus (OR higher) done need
PHYS 103: Fundamentals of Physics ! done need
PHYS 104: Fundamentals of Physics II done need

NOTE:  It is recommended that students seeking this endorsement substitute either MATH 118 and 119 (Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus), or Math 121 (Calculus I) for the math requirements and Physics 201-202 (Newtonian Mechanics adn Electricity, which are calculus-based) for Physics 103-104.

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