Environmental Studies Checklist


Core Courses:

ENVI 130 Introduction to Environmental Studies (recommended Fall 1st year) done
ENVI 230 Earth Systems Science (Spring term; 1st year for students most interested in science or 2nd year for students most interested in society track) done
ENVI 240 Environment, Ethics, and Culture (Fall) done
ENVI 250 Environment and Society (recommended 1st year for Society track students or 2nd year for Science track students) done
ENVI 270 Geographic Information Systems (Fall, 2nd or 3rd year) done
BIOL 205 Ecology (Fall; ENVI 230 or BIOL 125 are prerequisite; recommended 2nd year for Science track students or 3rd year for Society track students) done
One additional unit in ENVI at the 300-level or higher (3rd or 4th year) done
ENVI 430 Environmental Practicum (Fall, 4th year) done


Each student must complete one of the 5-unit tracks:

 Environment & Society Track

One unit of methods: SOCI 251, POLI 209, or ECON 448 done
Two units of discplinary applications: SOCI 337, POLI 351, ECON 287 (alternate year courses)
          First course done
          Second course done
Two additional units chosen from ECON 121, 237, 287, ENVI 260, 305, 360, POLI 201, 202, 205, 251, 333, 351, SOCI 215, 315, 324, 325, 335, 337, 340, and up to one INQ 260 with an environmental topic.
          First course done
          Second course done


 Environmental Science Track
Five units chosen from the courses listed with four units in a single discipline and one unit from a second discipline.

  • Any PHYS courses
  • Any ENVI courses
  • CHEM 111, 112, 221, 270
  • Any BIOL courses except BIOL 105
    Students choosing BIOL courses will need BIOL 125 and will probably need BIOL 120 as these are prerequisite to all or most BIOL courses.  Students are encouraged to take courses at the whole organism or system level such as BIOL 125, 235, 240, 265, 270, 275, 280, 300 and 360.
          First Discipline, First Course done
          First Discipline, Second Course done
          First Discipline, Third Course done
          First Discipline, Fourth Course done
          One course in a second discipline done