Public History Concentration
Dr. Whitney Leeson, Concentration Coordinator

The Public History program at Roanoke College aims to prepare students to enter the workforce and/or graduate programs in Public History, Museum Studies, Libraries, Archives, and Cultural Resource Management.  With heritage tourism on the rise, this concentration will focus on the intersections of history, material culture, narrative, and memory through museums, memorials, digital humanities and archaeological data. Students will gain an understanding of the field, its history and scope, practice and problems.

Affiliated faculty

Dr. Whitney Leeson, Program Director, Dr. Mary Henold, Dr. James Hargrove, Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. John Selby, Dr. Whitney Leeson, Dr. Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes, Dr. Robert Willingham, Dr. Stella Xu, Mr. Tom Klatka, Dr. Gary Dent, Mr. Mike Pulice, Ms. Linda Miller, and Mr. John Long.

The Curriculum

Students in any major interested in developing a specialization in Public History may earn a concentration in Public History by successfully completing (with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0) at least six units. Of these, three units must be from the list of core courses, two units can be from the list of electives, and one unit must be a capstone Independent Study, Internship, or practicum approved by the concentration's coordinator.

Students may count courses from the list of core courses as electives.

Special topics courses, IL courses, Intellectual Inquiry and Honors courses may apply toward the concentration when applicable and with the permission of the concentration coordinator. Of the six units of study, four must be classroom based.

Any course listing that is followed by "*" must be approved by the concentration coordinator.

I. Core Courses

A. Required Courses (3)

  • HIST 205 Introduction to Public History
  • HIST 200 History of the United States
  • HIST 416 Internship

B. Required capstone (1)

  • HIST 401 Archives Practicum
  • HIST 402 Museum Practicum
  • HIST 403 Historical Journal Editing Practicum
  • HIST 404 Library Practicum
  • HIST 406 Internship
  • HIST 416 Independent Studies

II. Electives (2)

  • ANTH/HIST 218 Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANTH 310 Global Storytelling: Exploring the Ethnographic Process
  • ARTH 276 Arts of the U.S.
  • ARTH 291* Special Topics
  • HIST 202 Historical Archaeology
  • HIST 207 American Material Culture
  • HIST 208 Archaeology of Slavery
  • HIST 267 Victorian America
  • HIST 360* Issues in Early America
  • HIST 365* Issues in 19th Century America
  • HIST 370* Issues in Modern America
  • HIST 490* Seminar
  • INQ 271 Dear Old Roanoke
  • INQ 277 Civil War in the West

Please email Dr. Whitney Leeson if you have any questions about the program.


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