Foreign Politics Minor

Students participate in Model United Nations in New York with Dr. Rubongoya.

About the Program

The minor in foreign politics focuses of the international political system, the role of state and institutions and American foreign policy. An examination of international organizations, global political economy, political theory and research methods provides an understanding of the relationship between national and international policies in an increasingly interdependent world.


Required Courses (3):

POLI 231          International Politics
POLI 247          Theory in International Relations
POLI 353          The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy

Electives (3):

POLI 209          Research Methods in Public Affairs
POLI 221          Comparative Political Systems: Europe
POLI 222          Comparative Political Systems: Asia
POLI 224          Comparative Political Systems: Africa
POLI 225          Comparative Political Systems: Latin America
POLI 232          International Organizations
POLI 333          Global Political Economy
POLI 351          Environmental Public Policy
POLI 352          Human Rights Policy

With departmental permission, courses from among POLI 260-262, 395-396, 401, 406, 416 and 495-497 or one from among INQ 260JPS or INQ 177, 277 or 377 may be substituted when they include topics related to international politics; or any Honors 301 course whose topic is appropriate and approved by the program coordinator.



Foreign Politics Minor checklist

Romney opens lead over Obama but faces enthusiasm gap; Kaine trails Allen in Senate race

Romney opens lead over Obama but faces enthusiasm gap; Kaine trails Allen in Senate race

Likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney opened a 6-point lead over President Barack Obama in Virginia. Republican George Allen maintains an 8-point lead on Democrat Tim Kaine in the likely matchup for the U.S. Senate seat from Va.

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