Information Analysis

About the Program

Associate Professor Dunn, Coordinator

The concept of the information analyst blends the traditional liberal arts education with some specific skills in the acquisition, analysis, and dissemination of information. It calls attention to skills that sociology majors already learn and provides additional coursework in areas related to the collection, analysis, and communication of information. Sociology majors may earn a concentration in information analysis by successfully completing the six one-unit courses listed below.


COMM 202 Mass Communications OR COMR 240 Public Opinion Polling OR SOCI 406 Independent Study and Research done  need 
CPSC 101 Introduction to Computers done  need 
PHIL 122 Logic done  need 
SOCI 251 Research Methods done  need 
SOCI 252 Data Analysis done  need 
SOCI 365 The Information Society done  need 

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