Roanoke College

Majors, Minors, Concentrations & Pre-Professional Programs


Also view areas of study in categories of majors, minor and concentrations.

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Majors, Minors & Concentrations

Accounting (Concentration)
Africa and African Diaspora Studies (Concentration)
American Politics (Minor)
Anthropology (Concentration)
Art (Major, Minor)
Art History (Major, Minor)
Athletic Training (Major)
Biochemistry (Major)
Biology (Major, Minor)
Business Administration (Major)
Business Information Systems (Concentration)
Chemistry (Major,Minor)
Christian Studies (Major, Minor)
Classics and the Ancient Mediterranean World (Concentration)
Communication Studies (Major, Minor)
Computer Science (Major, Minor)
Computer Science, Applied (Major)
Crime, Deviance & Social Control (Concentration)
Creative Writing (Major, Minor)
Criminal Justice (Major)
Dramaturgy (Minor)
East Asian Studies (Concentration)
Economics (Major, Minor)
Education (Teacher Licensure Program)
Elementary Education: Teaching in the Diverse Classroom (Minor)
English-Literary Studies (Major, Minor)
Environmental Studies (Major, Minor)
European History (Minor)
Finance (Concentration)
Foreign Politics (Minor)
French (Major, Minor)
Gender & Women's Studies (Concentration)
German (Minor)
Global Business (Concentration)
Sport Management (Major)
Health and Exercise Science (Major)
Health and Physical Education (Major)
Health Care Administration (Concentration)
Health Care Delivery (Concentration)
History (Major)
Human Development (Concentration)
Human Resource Management (Concentration)
Information Analysis (Concentration)
International Relations (Major)
Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Concentration)
Legal Studies (Concentration)
Literary Studies (Major, Minor)
Marketing (Concentration)
Mathematics (Major, Minor)
Music (Major, Minor)
Neuroscience (Concentration)
Parish Youth Leadership (Concentration)
Peace & Justice Studies (Concentration)
Philosophy (Major, Minor)
Physics (Major, Minor)
Political Science (Major)
Psychology (Major, Minor)
Public History (Concentration)
Religious Studies (Major, Minor)
Secondary Education: Teaching in the Diverse Classroom (Minor)
Sociology (Major, Minor)
Spanish (Major, Minor)
Sport Management (Major)
Statistics (Concentration)
TESL (Teaching English Language Learners) (concentration)
Theatre Arts (Major)
Theatre Performance (Minor)
Theatrical Design (Minor)
U.S. History (Minor)
World History (Minor)

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-medVeterinary Medicine