Out-doing the Expected

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Claire Catlett ’08 protects New Mexico’s last free-flowing river

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Alex Tuck ’05 fights poverty, founds People Helping People Global

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Student Nick Varrell ’15 builds much needed church for Nicaraguan community

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Scott Segerstrom ’02 sparks young leaders through conservation program

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Roanoke has never been in a better position to build on current strength to secure its place among America's top colleges. Building on this success, we are launching a campaign to enable this College to out-do the expected like never before. Visit the Campaign Site


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Tue, 1/27/2015
Believe it or not, but our students love BINGO here. They play music and dance, they have "celebrity callers" and they win some really nice prizes. Who would have thought? - 25 people like this

Sat, 1/24/2015
Roanoke makes the list as "Best American Vacation Town to Live In Year Round." We think it's a pretty sweet place to live and it's one of many reasons that new students want to come here. http://bit.ly/1CsJ1Kv Haven't been yet? Schedule a visit >> http://bit.ly/1JsQJEy - 25 people like this

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Jan 21, 2015
santoroski: Here's why it's awkward between the Supreme Court and the SOTU -Nice should out for @roanokecollege http://t.co/iMbTGBUYx2 via @TIMEPolitics

Jan 20, 2015
bilboasante: first college to send me something that was signed by a human being. You make me feel special @RoanokeCollege http://t.co/YidCsf82jV

Jan 14, 2015
seXCMrShay: I got my acceptance letter to my first choice school, @RoanokeCollege!