Out-doing the Expected

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Claire Catlett ’08 protects New Mexico’s last free-flowing river

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Alex Tuck ’05 fights poverty, founds People Helping People Global

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Student Nick Varrell ’15 builds much needed church for Nicaraguan community

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Scott Segerstrom ’02 sparks young leaders through conservation program

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Roanoke has never been in a better position to build on current strength to secure its place among America's top colleges. Building on this success, we are launching a campaign to enable this College to out-do the expected like never before.  Visit the Campaign Site


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Facebook Updates:

Fri, 11/28/2014
Alumnus Sean Burch '92 makes the first ascent of Roanoke College Peak, naming the mountain after his alma mater. Roanoke College is proud to support Sean in his effort to make the most first ascents in Mongolia and raise awareness for the No Kid Hungry campaign. Maroons, we have a mountain -- how cool is that? http://bit.ly/1tzfzd4 - 25 people like this

Tue, 11/25/2014
The governor tweeted his congrats to Dr. Hanstedt for his recognition as Virginia Professor of the year. Then, funny story, he called him and here's Dr. Hanstedt's account of the phone call: Dr. H: Hello? Terry McAuliffe: Hi, Paul, this is Governor Terry McAuliffe. Dr. H: Thank you for calling! Terry McAuliffe: I just wanted to say congratulations. Dr. H: I'm so sorry, I'm at my daughter's swim meet and there's a lot of noise out here. Let me step into this highly-fortified, concrete-walled and concrete-ceilinged locker room so that I can hear you better. There, that should work. Hello? Hello? Hello? Fortunately, Gov. McAuliffe called back later and said he understood as he was on the way to his son's hockey game and then they were able to have a nice conversation. - 25 people like this

Favorite Tweets:

Nov 24, 2014
SeanBurch: @RoanokeCollege Mental attributes thru travel, culture, & people. Pick a location & go. #RoanokeCollegePeak

Nov 21, 2014
GovernorVA: Congrats to Dr. Paul Hanstedt, professor of English at Roanoke College for being named 2014 Virginia Professor of the Year.

Nov 21, 2014
maroonsdoc: @RoanokeCollege The tree is COMPLETE!#RCCampusMinistryNetwork http://t.co/SpPTKiFa4Z