Roanoke College



Top Majors

Roanoke has a breadth of programs that will allow you to discover the career that calls to you. Choose from 36 majors, 57 minors and concentrations, and 8 pre-professional programs. Build your expertise and tailor your education even further by combining two or more areas of study.


Powerful Core Curriculum

Get an amazing foundation of knowledge by exploring topics that interest you. At Roanoke, we give you many options of special interest courses that cover the same fundamental concepts as a standard intro course.


Real-world Learning

One of the three pillars of a Roanoke education is active, real-world learning. 70% of our students complete internships, significant research work, and study abroad. Other students are part of entrepreneurial start-ups, leadership programs, creative and service projects – hands-on experience that translates to success after college.