Roanoke College

Intensive Learning Term (May Term)


The College provides a wide array of Intensive Learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses. The majority of these courses are offered in May, during a three-week term. Dates for each travel course vary. Consult the detailed course descriptions.

Types of courses

  • Campus Courses - These are taught on campus, though some may include half-day or full-day trips off campus.
  • Field trip courses - These are taught mostly on campus but with overnight stays of no more than 5 nights off campus.
  • Travel Courses - These are taught mostly or entirely off-campus. There are two types of IL travel courses - domestic and abroad.

Firsthand Learning

The Intensive Learning Program provides a distinctive learning experience in which students and faculty share academic immersion and full-time engagement with a single course.

IL courses focus on a topic in ways that are not possible during the regular academic year. First and foremost, they emphasize active student participation. How? By moving beyond lecture to involve students in activities like the following:

Beyond Lecture

  • Debate, discussion, presentations, projects.
  • Labs, studio work, demos, case study.
  • Field trips, field work, observation.
  • Interviewing, surveys.
  • Films and videos, interactive media.
  • Guest speakers.
  • Simulations, stagings, reenactments.

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