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Charlotte Henry Hill Victory Event

Charlotte Henry Hill Victory Event

May 16, 2015



Alumni Leadership

Meet the leaders of the Alumni Executive Council (AEC).

Rick Oglesbee '95

Kevin Hartz '92

Kevin Hartz '92


Emily Umberger '94


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Dr. Lucy Cline Weiss '72

Lucy's passion, dedication, leadership and aspiration for perfection embody the strength and wisdom that hold the Roanoke College pillars in place. Throughout her 26-year  career at 3M, she never stopped thinking about Roanoke College and the impact it had on her.


Dr. Kenneth Ross Garren

A Roanoke College alumnus, professor and vice president, and the president of Lynchburg, Dr. Garren exemplified unwavering dedication and passion for the betterment of students and the community.


Hall of Fame

Learn about all the members of the Roanoke College Athletic Hall of Fame. Watch the videos for the 2014 class of inductees that includes Andy Bonasera and Mary Beth Harvey.


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Roanoke graduate excels in the field of sports medicine and athletic training

Roanoke graduate excels in the field of sports medicine and athletic training

A student turned teacher of athletic training, this Maroon believes that he has come full circle in his experiences—and followed his passion the whole way.

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Maroons Online

Lost touch with your college friends? Relocated and need to update your contact information? Added new members to your family? Log in to Maroons Online, RC's online community, to let us know what is going on in your life!

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