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Preparing for Life After Graduation

At Roanoke, our goal is to help you grow into a confident, directed person who can go out into the world, live a life of purpose and build a meaningful career. Our Intellectual Inquiry core provides the broad perspective and critical reasoning skills that are essential in your career. The major complements the core by giving you the chance to do a deep dive into the subject you love. Add a second major, a minor or a concentration and create a program that combines your areas of interest.  
Roanoke graduates are ready for today’s competitive job market.  

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  • Notebook

    Communicating clearly and accurately is essential in every profession. Those who can write well, from one-paragraph emails to multi-page reports, are more likely to convince others of their recommendations and build support needed for action. Through your regular course work, you'll develop strong writing skills you'll use throughout life.

  • Orientation leaders

    Making persuasive presentations — to another individual or to a room full of people — is key to selling your ideas and yourself. Many courses at Roanoke require presentations; through them, you'll learn how to organize, design and give presentations with confidence — an advantage over peers who are anxious about public speaking.

  • While the world seems awash in information, we lack useful data and insight. At Roanoke, you'll learn to conduct research that tests hypotheses, uncovers new findings and develops ideas — all critical to strategic decision-making and the creation of new systems, products and processes.  

  • Stickers that read " Global Village"

    There are few situations in life where you don't work with others. Jobs, clubs, churches and causes all ask us to work together to get things done that we can't do alone. At Roanoke, you'll have many opportunities to learn how to work effectively with others, from group projects in classes to participation in clubs and organizations. You'll learn how to organize projects, share work, deal with different personalities and contribute to a common goal. 

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    Successful organizations are run by people at every level who know how to lead. At Roanoke, we encourage everyone to take on leadership roles and learn the basics of team leadership. You'll develop the style of leadership that suits you best. You'll have many chances to lead through class projects, social events, organizations, athletic teams and service work, where you'll get hands-on experience organizing, managing and motivating teams of people.  

“The ability to write and present in class professionally are skills that every student needs. The INQ courses are excellent for developing these traits.”

Daniel Graham '26, Biochemistry major

All students take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, a worldwide program that helps you understand your personal strengths and learn how to build on them for academic and career success. Preparing for a career takes more than education. Staff, coaches and programs help Maroons explore career and networking opportunities to amass practical skills and put your academic interests to work.  

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